May 31, 2010

Manual Driving Licence

Having only applied for an automatic drivers licence when I began driving, I thought it a good idea to add the capability to drive manual cars before leaving. Since the majority of European cars (and most hire cars) are manual, if I found myself in the position where driving would be useful, it would be very handy to have. With plans to travel in Sweden (and a bit of Copenhagen and Oslo) between the 22nd of August and the 21st of September (plus or minus a couple of days depending on the earliest move in day stipulated by the UCL hall I am allocated), this little licencing thing may also help my getting around between the harder to reach towns. That being said, I think I might be attached to cars being from Perth. The public transit system really seems to go everywhere anyway.

Today I spent the customary 30 minutes queuing (perhaps a good practice exercise for this notorious London habit) in the O'Connor Department of Transport to get my manual licence learner's permit. Upon finishing the consult, I tried to make a booking for the required practical assessment but it seemed to be booked up for the next 7 weeks. The attendant said that cancellations were common and that I should probably inquire every Wednesday afternoon to catch one. I hope I can get an assessment date in before I leave!

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