July 8, 2010

Time moves quickly

Exams are all complete! Having finished about a month ago, some work has been given towards figuring out those precise little time frames of travel. One thing which also plays a part here is the use of travel insurance. As explained at the first pre-departure session, while away on exchange, we are all covered by the UWA student and staff communal travel insurance policy. This cover applies from a week before the first UCL orientation day until a week after the last official exam date. During exams, I received my official paper acceptance offer which also told me that the undergraduate orientation would be from the 21st till the 24th of September, giving me a concrete day to plan for. I will be leaving on the 9th of August at 4:25pm. UWA recommended that if we needed to, we should extend our travel insurance before or after the covered period with the same provider, Chartis insurance. Having followed the weblink on the relevant pre-departure session sheet, it was quite simple to book and pay for this online.

In the meantime, life has been pretty swell with substantial amounts of time going to seeing friends and catching up in the time I have left. Getting random tasks done from my endless list of 'long term' tasks has also seemed to consume those little gaps between the little appointments scattered across holiday time. Some of those little appointments have been driving lessons. Having taken my manual driving assessment briefly before leaving for leaving for the National Youth Choir of Australia (NYCA) Adelaide tour, I am now glad to state that I have passed and can now drive manual cars.

Back in December, I lodged a scholarship application as a part of my 'Hermes' application for the UWA exchange program. Today I finally got the word on the outcome of this application and while now away in Adelaide, I am now the merry recipient of the Robert and Maude Gledden Studentship to the value of $3000 for the continuation of my studies whilst abroad. By contrast, I still have had no word on the outcome of UCL accommodation allocation which should be coming out very soon.

I am only now realizing that I really don't have that much time left in Perth. With the departure date only a month away now, a week away in Adelaide on the NYCA tour and with a week up north with my brother at the end of the month only brings the date closer. I am still to do some UWA form filling for the university enrollment side of things. There are many things to do in the week following the Adelaide tour.

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