July 29, 2010

UCL Offers and Oversight

Back in May I was sent my formal offer for acceptance for study at UCL. This email contained details on how to accept the offer as well as how to apply for accommodation within the UCL halls of residences. When receiving this, I immediately jumped at the accommodation application, filling it in as soon as possible, especially since the deadline was very close to the late date I received my offer, forwarded through the exchange office. Recently, I rang through to the UCL residences to check on the status of my application and the awarding of a place in a hall of residence somewhere close to the university.
Certainly a good move because I was quickly told that while I had submitted my accommodation application before the deadline, I had not yet accepted my offer for a place at UCL. This was a rather crucial oversight since both components were required for me to be awarded a room. I guess I thought that the accommodation form would count for acceptance in some way, especially since it quoted a deadline. That being said, there was no set deadline for the acceptance since in the regular circumstances, students would likely receive offers from multiple universities at different times leading up to the start of term.

I immediately dug up the now rather old acceptance email and noted the one discrete sentence instructing to fill in the attached acceptance form, sign and send back. I got to it immediately and rang soon after to check the receipt of my scanned form. I asked all the questions I could at this stage to check that I had not been disadvantaged in any way by accepting so late. I was assured that since I had handed the accommodation form in on time, I would be assured a spot somewhere. The answers were intentionally vague but from the sounds of it, they had only awarded a small portion of places at that point and that demand had not been particularly high this year.

After so many admin forms and applications I guess I now realize how easy it can be to miss one. Luckily no harm should come from this and I won’t do it for something more pressing (despite offer acceptance probably being the worst thing I could have missed…).

In other news, speed may have already struck again. The other day, I received an offer to record a CD with the Rodolfus ChoirSt Dunstan-in-the-west on Fleet Street in London. This was another very appealing option as it begins one day after the conclusion of the NYC course. There are 32 places (8 basses) for the first part including a concert and then places for a further 8 basses for the recording only (requiring 40 parts for a truly epic motet by Tallis called Spem in Alium). The sender said that places would be awarded on a first come first serve basis. I received the email at about 5am Perth time so by the time I read it, it had been available to all of the other members for about 4 hours from 9pm GMT. It could have been full by the time I had a chance to reply so I think I may have missed out on that one.

After this little drama session, I am happy to head north to Coral Bay with Ariel, my Brother and his fiancé, both over from Sweden. While this will be a cruisy week of relaxation, it does remind me of the fact that when we get back home, I will only have one more week in this sunny state before disappearing from all friends and family for the next 11-12 months.

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