August 29, 2010

National Youth Choir of Great Britain Summer Course 2010

Having begun the next part of the journey, Beky and I set off from Merton, aiming to catch the next train to Banbury. We already knew that it’d be tight on the time side having spent a little too long at the cafĂ©. Only 5 minutes up the street from Merton, we saw a bus pull in. It happened to be the bus bound direct to the train station so we hopped on and were at the station in 10 minutes, making us thankful that we didn’t walk the route that was really much longer that we thought. Arriving at the station, we used the automatic ticket machines. When trying to use my travel card for the ticket purchase, it was declined despite the fancy little VISA logo sported by the card and the ANZ banking advice that came with it.

August 19, 2010

Eton Choral Course: Oxford 2010

I woke early on my first full day at the Eton Choral course to join Ralph and some of the other singers I had met the previous afternoon for the daily morning run at 7am. We joined at the Merton College Quad and then set out towards the Christ Church College grounds. With a crisp summer morning, the green grounds of the grounds took an idyllic tinge, acting as the perfect distraction from the pounding of feet on the well-trodden path.

August 11, 2010

Departure and the sights of Oxford

The plane lands at terminal 4 and I'm off! I make a rail transfer to terminal 5 and arrive at stop 10 just in time to knock on a closing Oxford coach ('The Airline') door. I meet a flustered driver who takes a good amount of time expressing just how lucky I was that he was running late. The bus ride goes quickly as I log into the bus WiFi and chat to an Oxford student at Linacre College who is doing his doctorate in engineering. He gave me some advice on where to go and what to do and then we parted at the Queens Lane stop. After some general wandering in all the wrong directions (the attractions are quite distracting) I eventually found my way to the Oxford University Club where I could leave my luggage prior to check in later in the day.

August 10, 2010

The Adventure Begins

So the journey is afoot! Having said my goodbyes and cleared customs, I enter the Malaysian airlines flight to find my seat. I like this seat, its possibly the most ideal flight environment I've ever had the pleasure of being in since not only do I have luxurious leg space, I am soon to find that my adjacent seat will be vacant for the whole flight. Having donned my new Senheiser HD280 headphones, I know that despite having said my heavy hearted goodbyes for my longest trip by far, I'll at least have the comfort to get started in the best way possible. It's at this point that I'm very thankful so much preparation has gone into this trip. All I can do at this point is to sit back, nibble on my peanuts and relax for the 5.5 hour flight.

August 8, 2010

Planning and Packing

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was recently granted a Robert and Maude Gledden studentship. The other day, I received the call to pick up the cheque. Upon arrival, I asked about other forms that I may have missed earlier. Turned out I hadn't returned a form that outlines my travel itinerary and arrival dates for travel insurance purposes. Luckily I had started the itinerary earlier so all I had to do was whip out the laptop and print off the page. Travel insurance sorted.