August 10, 2010

The Adventure Begins

So the journey is afoot! Having said my goodbyes and cleared customs, I enter the Malaysian airlines flight to find my seat. I like this seat, its possibly the most ideal flight environment I've ever had the pleasure of being in since not only do I have luxurious leg space, I am soon to find that my adjacent seat will be vacant for the whole flight. Having donned my new Senheiser HD280 headphones, I know that despite having said my heavy hearted goodbyes for my longest trip by far, I'll at least have the comfort to get started in the best way possible. It's at this point that I'm very thankful so much preparation has gone into this trip. All I can do at this point is to sit back, nibble on my peanuts and relax for the 5.5 hour flight.

All non-tech-heads probably want to ignore these next 2 paragraphs:
Having had a good week to explore my new phone (the Motorola XT720 Milestone on which I am writing this entry now) I am glad to say that I am officially chuffed. The Google Android operating system amazes me and is in my opinion a perfect method of implementing a flexible digital lifestyle. For the first time in 2.5 years since I began using an online calendar rather than a diary for all of my dates, I have a complete digital organization system on hand in the form of a phone. With propper integration with my Google account, I now have all of my calendars, emails, passwords, contact details, social networks, finances, navigation, documents and multimedia at a fingers reach. With my preferably anti-paper, anti-handwriting lifestyle, it makes me very happy to have a good device to do the above with. Having this positive outcome present itself without any substantial problems also makes me rather happy I made the investment on this phone, following it's growth from a 400MHz, 5 megapixel machine, toting mobile TV in Korea more than 4 months ago to a European flagship touchphone (well it hasn't really been released yet). Thank goodness are so prodigious in their pursuit of new unlocked phone and their generous shipping rates to Australia.

Those who don't know me so well may be starting to get the impression that I like high tech. This is a true statement and there is more where that came from because before I left, I picked up a set of Senheiser HD280s. The intent behind getting a substantial set of closed circum-aural headphones was primarily to substitute a substantial set of home speakers while away and also to dampen any unwanted noises eminating from the likely thin walls of the new college environment. While I didn't think of this at the time, these headphones have also proved to be game changing in the flight as well, turning the in-flight movies into cinenatics and the unholy sounds of Justin Bieber on the music system into a clear soundstage where you can almost hear the screams of thousands of teenaged girls behind the neodymium speaker drivers. These things are great, allowing me to enjoy the sort of sound quality that is often the first thing (apart from some very special people) that I will miss while away from home.

The sun has just set to the left side of the plane, the faint glow of red through scarlet still drapes one horizon, leaving a stark polarity of light and dark over the sides of the plane. Iron Man 2 has kept me occupied for the last couple of hours (complete with some epic physical thudding to go with it courtesy of the prevailing winds) and after a very tasty chicken curry, I am left content with the smooth ride ahead.

The stop over at Kuala Lumpur Airport gave a nice break to stretch the legs and to have a little net break where I could make Skype contact for the first time to my parents and to Ariel. This was a nice touch as it really proved to me how easy communication is with such abundant connections to the internet. I'm glad I got a good time walking at that point because for the next flight I had just a little less luxury than I had had in my last one. Boarding a Boeing 747, I was reminded of the more typical airline environment. The leg room was not quite so generous and being at a window seat ment that it was quite difficult for me to leave my seat and stretch out on the 16 hour flight. I watched a short movie over dinner then tucked up for sleep. The dry air made sleep very intermittent but after plenty of 2-3 hour segments of sleep, I think all will be fine.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the music courses! Thanks to technology we may be able to hear a recording from one of the concerts.. although it will not sound as amazing as it would through your Senheiser HD280s :)
    I hope it is not raining over there today, it certainly is over here.. all week it seems too.
    Take care and have a fantastic time x