June 5, 2011

A brief taste of Paris

I realized how lightly I had prepared for the trip: I knew there were a set of sites and museums I just had to see but I hadn't really paid attention to the finer details of your typical trip to another country. Without mobile Internet, I whipped out some offline maps on my phone that I had thoughtfully got before leaving home. With the help of GPS it was pretty easy to find my way to the hostel relying on nothing more than a photographic memory of the hostel's location on Google maps (this could have ended badly though with no backup plan had I recalled falsely). While I had intended on using the Paris rental bike scheme, VĂ©lib, my credit card kept on getting declined so while maintaining my resolve to see the city from above ground and not from the dark tunnels of the metro, the long walk was the only choice.

June 4, 2011

Getting to Paris in a hurry

So after a solid night out from 11pm at Tutu's last night following the last exam of the year, following a solid 2 hours of sleep, I was remarkably lucky to have heard the life saving call of my 4th alarm notification as sleep tried to pull me away from the 6:22am Eurostar trip to Paris. I felt so inclined to check the time as the watch blared away again, luckily choosing not to doze back off one once again. The time read 5:55am which kicked me into gear as I realized that I had no more than 27 minutes till my Eurostar train would leave St Pancreas, hopefully with me on board.