August 7, 2011

London HQ - Ramsay Hall

With a couple of weeks under the belt, I was starting to get used to the lifestyle of Ramsay hall student living. Some new things were getting more familiar such as laundry, earplugs at night, an indoor swimming pool, biking London and the daily trips back and forth to KCL or UCL.

The lifestyle of college halls is somewhat different to what you get back home. Every weekday, I wake to the smell of a hot breakfast as hordes of drowsy uni students proceed to the dining hall at the latest possible moment to collect their rightful prize. The dining hall servery production line is the primary source of nourishment with your daily serving of bacon, eggs, beans and hash browns. While this might sound ideal and a dream come true for some, the novelty wears off rather quickly when you realize the bacon is normally a day or two old recycled from previous days leftovers and when the powdered scrambled eggs always take the prime time towards the end of the week when stocks are getting low. Luckily that is not all that is on offer to the residents of Ramsay hall.